Posted by: yellownblue | August 16, 2009

South America – Hello world

Hello everyone. This is our blog that we´re gonna try and keep up to date during our trip around the world. We hope you enjoy following us on our journey.

Love, Mike and Silke

Tuesday 1st September 2009

We arrived in Rio one week ago and this is our first opportunity to update our blog. The flight all went really well – 11 1/2 hours – and our hostel in Ipanema was the best hostel in the world.  It was only small –  and they were all so friendly. One of the staff – Igor – even took us out to Lapa for drinks on Friday night. Samba on the streets and everything…

We visited Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Jesus Statue which both had amazing views of the city. We also spent a lot of time walking around, going to cafes, going to the beach, drinking coconut milk and caipirinhas (the local Brazilian cocktail). Rio is huge and the traffic is insane! The bus journeys we took were unlike any other we´ve taken before. There are so many people in Rio, with over 1000 favelas – we visited the biggest one, called  Rocinha . 300.000 people live there cramped into small houses perched onto the mountain side. We  got a lift to the top of the favela on motorbikes driven by locals. This was the most frightening thing ever as they overtook on any side of the road regardless of oncoming traffic.

We are now on our overland tour and are currently camping in a small colonial town called Paraty. There are 22 people on our tour and two tour leaders (one of them is German!) and they´re all really nice. The weather so far has been amazing. It is boiling today with not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday we took a boat tour around some tropical islands and stopped on some of the most beautiful beaches ever – Mike played football on the beach with some locals. We´ve been eating lots of fish, which is really good and so far there has been no stomach problems, but then again it´s only the beginning of the tour and we hear the living standards will gradually decline – especially in Bolivia. Our next few days will be spent driving long distances and free camping between here and our next stop Bonito.

If you want to see the route of our 49 day-tour across South America, from the Atlantic coast of Brazil to the Pacific coast in Peru, this is the link:

Pacific to Atlantic – Tour to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru – Tucan Travel


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